High Speed Connectivity

In order to meet customer and market demand on continuously improving product performance for high speed connector, after several years of research and development, Rosenberger team, find special process to make LIGA in commercializing, using advanced LIGA technology to produce high precision and tiny components, will be used in high speed interconnect products, as a bright new scheme, to provide the next generation of high precision, high density, high speed Interconnect products in near future. At present, we have successfully developed the customized low profile board to board connector with tiny components which produced by LIGA process. It has high density, high data rate and extremely low profile, the overall height is only 0.65mm in working condition. We use LIGA technology in multiple Business fields on existing product family in Rosenberger right now, such as RF, Medical, Testing and so on. We may use this technology on some new fields in the future, as an example, use this new technology on high speed backplane industry.