M8000 시리즈 BERT 테스트 솔루션

A. 주요사양

– Data rates up to 8.5 and 16 Gb/s expandable to 32 Gb/s
– 1 to 4 BERT channels in a 5-slot AXIe chassis
– Integrated and calibrated jitter injection: RJ, PJ1, PJ2, SJ, BUJ, sinusoidal level interference
(common-mode and differential-mode), SSC (triangular and arbitrary, residual) and Clock/2
– 8 tap de-emphasis, positive and negative
– Integrated and adjustable ISI
– Interactive link training for PCI Express
– Built-in clock recovery and equalization
– All options and modules are upgradeable

C. 제품 관련 자료

(제품사양서) J-BERT M8020A High-Performance BERT 다운
(제품사양서) M8030A Multi-Channel BERT 다운